Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Happy Birthday to me!
I love the idea of thinking of 34 things about myself on my birthday.  (Thank you Danielle, for the idea!)
So, here it goes!

1.  I am married the perfect man that God intended for me to marry.  Chad is an amazing man, husband, father, son, and friend.  I respect him for a lot of things:  he's good at his job- even the days it's not his favorite; he's an incredible father- I've learned SO MANY parenting skills from this man; he puts everything into everything he does- from loving me, to loving his children, to loving God.

2.  Gracie:  7 years old.  She's extremely smart, talented, and just a little stubborn.  Gracie cares so much for other people.  Tonight in Target she told me she wants to volunteer at a store, restaurant, and Caring Hands Animal Shelter so she can see how they run before she decides to work in one.  Very organized thoughts.  She loves to sing, dance, and is inseparable from any book she can get her hands on.

3.  Jada: 5 years old.  She's spunky, loud, smart, and loves to be silly.  Jada is quite the dancer and loves to dance on the Wii.  She's in preschool, and couldn't WAIT to get her Kindergarten shots so she can go to Kindergarten!  Who's kid is this?  Jada loves to be tickled, and is inseparable from her Bunnybear.

4.  Trey:  23 months.  He's athletic, talkative, smart, and such a boy!  Trey loves to run around while wearing his cape.  He goes to daycare by day, and wears a Batman mask by evening.  He LOVES to read books, pretend to be a firefighter, and is inseparable from his red blanket.

5.  Maurices and Target- need I say more?

6. I could eat Kraft mac-n-cheese everyday of the summer.

7. I have always known I wanted to be a teacher.

8.  I'm not good at playing with my children- I will line something up for you, put clothes on dollies/barbies/pollys, but ask me to use my imagination and it's like I lost it.

9.  chocolate.  period.

10.  I hate being hot.  I'd sooo much rather be cold.

11.  I've recently bought notebooks to keep my thoughts organized.  Blog ideas, short-term/long term goals, other ideas or shopping lists go in these notebooks.

12.  My very best friend is Jessica.  She lives in Minnesota, which stinks.  We've been friends for 23 years.  Her birthday is April 8th, so when we would tell people we're twins, we would just say our birthday is on the 8th.  I will blog about her someday.  Pray for her, she's having her third baby at the end of this month.

13.  We live in a small house.  We're outgrowing it, and would like to move to a different house.  I've been praying for it.  We'll see what God has in store for us next.

14.  I love KLOVE- a national Christian radio station. When I taught 5th grade, I tried to listen to the pop/rap music that was popular with the kids, but I found when I did that, I was grumpier during the day.  Once I started listening to KLOVE instead, I found myself more patient with the kids.

15.  I'm a wanna-be scrapbooker.

16.  I crave my alone time. It's how I get rejuvenated.  

17.  The only person I really cuddle with is Trey.  He's tiny, and that's cute.

18.  I'm trying to increase the items in my jewelry box.  Can't wait for my Mom/Daughter day on Saturday!

19.  I love to sing and I love to dance.  In my own house.  In front of my children only.

20.  I'm afraid of my basement.  I've always been afraid of basements.  I convince myself there are things that will pull my feet back down as I'm running up the stairs.  

21.  I've lost 14 pounds since last August!  So proud of myself for that.  I have 10 more to go, for sure.  It's so hard to just lose ONE pound for me, so I'm guessing it will take through summer, and maybe until next Christmas to get the last 10 off.

22.  My favorite M&M's are the green ones.

23.  Pepsi.... mmmm...

24.  My favorite entertainer of all time is Michael Jackson.  

25.  I'm interested in learning more about women in the Bible.  

26.  I have no interest in going to a foreign country.  I would just love to visit more of the United States.

27.  I have crazy weird dreams.  Especially when I was pregnant.  I once dreamt that I birthed Kermit the Frog, while bomb planes were flying above me.

28.  I wish I had long hair, but don't have the patience to grow it out.

29.  I drive a mini-van.  ick, right?

30.  I am super close with my mom and dad.  My mom and I can talk for hours and hours and hours.  She's my go-to girl.

31.  My top 5 favorite movies:  Breakin', Dear John, 50 First Dates, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, Annie.

32.  I love Musicals.  But, mostly ones I know.  

33.  My favorite color changes.  I love to wear black.  But, I'm slowly getting more color in my wardrope.  I bought a red shirt today.  Woo-hoo!

34.  Most importantly, Jesus.


rentz said...

Happy birthday!

Jessica said...

I love all of these...except #24! :) You're the best, Joe, I love you! Happy happy birthday. Now go eat some chocolate and Pepsi!

Danielle said...

I'm so glad you did this!! It was fun reading all about you. We have a few more things in common than I realized (I have no desire to travel outside the US and I'm terrible at playing with my kids). I can't wait to see what jewelry you choose next!

Megan said...

Happy Birthday! Great list.

Mom said...

I could name many more than 34 but these are great and truly express you to a "T' as they say!! Although I never understood why we say" to a T"...:) I won't ramble like I usually do. Anyway....Saturday where are you???????? Maybe we should hire a chauffer so we can talk without having to think and look where we are....NOT going thru Sedgwick on the way home! I love you. One more thing...these word verification things before I can post are hilarious....this one is slogintr!! WHAT?

Beki - TheRustedChain said...

Happy Happy birthday!! I'm just a few days older than you. :) Yet you seem so much wiser than me.