Thursday, December 29, 2011

ice princess

This is a post about an 8 year old girl 
who wanted ice skates for Christmas.

You might be asking yourself, 
"What would an 8 year old girl,
who lives in Kansas, need
ice skates for?"

Well, I have a better question for you.
What happens when Santa doesn't bring you
ice skates for Christmas- even though
that's what you asked for?

And here's your answer:
Your Mom takes you on a
Gracie/Mommy date to Ice Sports in Wichita.

 If there was any doubt in my mind
that she would not enjoy this "date,"
(which I assure you- I knew there wouldn't
be any way she'd NOT like this!)
it all faded away as we were standing
in line to pay and hear Gracie whisper 
under her breath,
"This is a DREAM COME TRUE!"
How precious is that?

She did so well on the ice.
I told her that when I lived in MN,
Jess and I used to practically live at 
the ice rink and warming shack all winter.
(swwaammmy- right, Jess?)
She couldn't believe it!
I have to admit- it made me wish
I knew where my own white ice skates are.
Those rental ones hurt!

Tuesdays and Thursdays are $2 days.
Such cheap entertainment!
And boy, was it entertaining.
When Chad, Jada, and Trey picked
us up, he asked Gracie if she fell at all.
Her response was so tween-y~
"Everyone falls, Dad."

We might not have been the best skaters there-
and there are at least 3 people that can 
prove that- we saw Newton/Hutch people there-
but we had a wonderful bonding experience!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

8 Christmas's

Every year our family has quite a few Christmas's that we celebrate.  Some include Santa,
some include dinner,
most include singing Christmas carols,
some include presents,
and all include yummy food!

This year we attended 8 Christmas's.
1.  The Cyr Christmas (earlier post)
2.  Our own family Christmas
     a.  boots, almost "tween" bedding, Cars bedding, and Squinkies!
3. My immediate family (Schrag's)
     a. Pillow Pets, money, crafts! 
4. The Hanchett family Christmas (mom's side)
     a.  a Kindle, art maker set, and a Slinky dog!
5. The Childs Christmas
     a. Uno farm, stepping stone maker, a music game!
6. Chad's family Christmas + Santa gifts
     a.  clay pot maker set, jewelry kit, big dump truck and loader,     Cars scooter, MP3 players!
7. Lunch with my Schrag grandparents
8.  The Zerger Christmas
     a. the pictures are of my grandma and her brothers and sisters, and Gracie, Jada, and Sidney being so brave and singing for everyone there.  As you can see there are name tags.  That's how big this family is!
Whew~  so many to fit into one week.  
The pictures that follow are of Christmas's 2-8.  
Our kids usually open up Santa gifts and stockings with the clothes they had on the night before at the Childs Christmas because they fall asleep in the car on the way home.  They still have the, "I just woke up look," though.

I put Trey to bed tonight and sat and thought about how blessed we were this Christmas season.  We got a lot of "stuff" that we love and are happy to receive.  But, I have to say my first favorite part of this Christmas week was Sunday night (Christmas night) as we were getting ready to sit down with Chad's family, Gracie got up on a kitchen chair and read the Christmas story about Jesus's birth.  She did such a great job reading it to everyone.  It reminded me of when I was little and we would read it before opening presents.  
My second favorite part of this Christmas week was listening to each family (Childs, Schrags, Zergers, Hanchetts, Cyr's) sing Christmas carols.  They are such familiar songs, but mean so much to me.  
I hope you had a great Christmas! 

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Cyr Christmas

My gorgeous Grandma Hanchett has two brothers.  Their last name is Cyr (like Sear).  

Every year we celebrate at country club with delicious food, and then Santa comes to bring presents to all the kids.  I wondered if this year would be tricky since Gracie said she's not telling anyone what she wants from Santa so she can see if he's real.  
*I got her to tell me what it is though, 
and I'm thinking there is no 
8 year old girl that needs a cell phone.*

I love this picture of Gracie and Santa.
She's so happy.
I'm not sure what she told him that she wanted, but I could have told him she wants a cell phone, ice skates, the rest of her quarter collection, and a new comforter for her bed (since her current one is purple and pink in a blue and white room).

Trey was pretty unsure about him until he saw the gift.  Then, he pretty much just kept pointing at the present. An Uno farm game.
He didn't get a chance to say what he wanted for Christmas, but I could have told Santa that Trey wants anything that has to do with Cars.  But, not to get him Cars bedding, a Cars racetrack (two different kinds), or a Cars scooter because that's what we're getting him. Trey will truly have a Cars Christmas!

Jada couldn't think of anything on the spot that she wanted for Christmas.  I could have told him that she wants an Ipod, cowgirl boots, a jean jacket, and she wants to live in a Candy cane house.

The thing I love about this Santa is that he asks if their room is clean.  And then he says that they better get that done before he gets there- otherwise, he doesn't leave presents!  The girls' rooms are not too bad right now, but reality shows that we have a week yet til Christmas!