Saturday, April 13, 2013

I'm a MAN! I'm FOUR!

T-Rex turned four this last week.  
He celebrated whined with the rest of Kansas with an ice storm on his birthday.

  His lego party had to be postponed to the weekend.  
So, instead of celebrating in the ice,
we celebrated in the wind.
A lot of wind. 
   Good things come to those who wait.
Almost all of his friends could come to the park with him.
(We missed you Lydia and Gretchen!)
  They played on the playground equipment.
They ate cupcakes with legos on them.
They watched him open presents.
They made dinosaur sand castles with him.

They made lego prints in play dough.
They played football with him.
They made him so happy!

He was his usual wild-child self.
Such a happy boy.
I can't believe he's four.

And his friends are so sweet.
Despite him being tired on the way to the park, he held up pretty well.  And he was your typical kid when it was time to leave.  
He had to be carried to the car. 
That's the sign of a good time!
Happy birthday Trey!
I can't believe you're 4

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Oz and Easter

It feels like forever since I've posted.  I used to post every single day.  Now.... I don't.  *tears*

A few weeks ago I took the kids to an Oz museum in Wamego.  We didn't know what to expect, so we decided going in that we didn't have any expectations.  HA! 

   First, we ate at Toto's Tacos....
 And then we went to the museum.  It was nice.  Gracie and Sophie did a scavenger hunt while we were there.  They had to read all the information to get the answers.  It was fun to look through the different displays for the answers.

 The mannequins were pretty creepy.  I liked the displays with the old fashioned books, posters, toys, etc. from the movie. 

It was an unexpected good time!

Last weekend I took the kids to Omaha.  My kids travel really well- especially when they have a rented movie they've never seen, new markers and sketch pads, and music!  Trey finally slept the last hour, but everything went fine.
Jess and her older girls met us there in Omaha!  They snuck us into their hotel and we went swimming.  Shhhh... don't tell.

   We took the kids to the zoo for the afternoon.  There were a zillion people there.  Which is stressful with kids who are used to roaming and running ahead at our own zoo where we live.  Sophie was a God-send during that trip.  The kids walked and climbed on everything imaginable while at the zoo so there were not up for the mile trek back to the car.  Thankfully, Sophie agreed to keep them at the entrance so I could go get the car.  It was one of the only 10 minutes I had to myself the whole weekend.  AND I'm sure she didn't mind not having to walk to the car either!  :) 

The next day was Easter.  We got all dressed up, went to church, had a wonderful meal, dyed Easter eggs, flew kites, and had an Easter egg hunt.

  The only left to do this weekend was to give the boy a haircut.  Guess what he wanted....