Tuesday, August 21, 2012

just thinking

Just sitting here thinking...

*beginning of the school year is hard on everyone.  Hopefully our routines will start feeling normal again.  It's just that going to bed at 10:00 p.m. seems early to me- coming off of summer schedule.  hmph...

*These are some of the best words to live by:  "Love your enemies’, bless those who curse you, do good to those who hate you, pray for those who spitefully use you and persecute you." Matthew 5:44      Somehow I think people are blessed when they follow this advice.

*When are my college credits from this summer ever going to get here???  

*I could get used to having four children.  Always thought I was a three kid parent, but I can see now why people have more kids than that.

*Those peanut butter chocolate chip bars from Pinterest are calling my name!

*How am I going to get to the zoo to buy stretchy frogs before our annual Frog Jumping Contest on Friday?

*I thought last weekend was busy.  (picture below is from a pool party we attended).  But, uh, uh.  THIS weekend will be packed!

*I need new low calorie ideas for lunches at school.  

*Remember that bedtime I was talking about- I should go there now.  

Saturday, August 18, 2012


I recently learned from a 9 year old that GNO means Girls Night Out. I guess I'm getting to that age where I'm not hip enough to know all the lingo of kids these days...

However, I know how to use it.
Here it goes...

Gracie and I had a GNO last night.  (impressed?)
We needed girl time.
 She's been begging us to get her ears pierced since she was 5.
 Last night I caved.
 "Can I lay on my earrings at night?"
"It doesn't look like a circle, it looks like slit."
 My favorite quote of the night was at the movie theater when she leaned over during the previews and whispered, "Mom, I almost forgot about my earrings!"  Followed by a silent squeal.

Melt my heart.

I think our GNO was a success!  
Pierced ears.
Cute movie.
Popcorn and pop for supper.
Time well spent.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Welcome to Amairica!

This crowd was seen at the airport last Thursday.

 As the plane they were waiting for kept being delayed because of weather in Chicago, this is how they kept themselves busy until their special someone arrived!

Around 10:00 p.m. Sophie finally came down the ramp and was greeted by little girls running up and hugging her!
Our new German daughter made it here to America!
These pictures are such poor quality- I think our excitement overrode the need to take good pictures!

Two days later we were in this aisle...
Look at that beautiful smile! 
Those kids you saw in the first picture are showing their new big sister what it's like to live with three kids under the age of 9.  If this day of shopping wasn't overwhelming enough, the noise level in the house should be!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

She's here!

We are so tired from our excitement on waiting for her, and then a plane delay, and then the ride home.  Sophie is here!  

This is all I have for now.

Friday, August 3, 2012

My New Normal

It's Friday!
Where did the week go?
The kids and I have Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday of next week together before I officially have to report back to work.  

This summer we've accomplished quite a bit!
I've changed just a little, I think.
I've discovered my new normals.
Let me share.

1.  I spend every cent of our paychecks during the summer months.  Chad can not wait until next Thursday when I go back to work.  Apparently, Dillons and/or Wal-Mart need to see my face once a day.  I should get an employee discount for all I buy.

2.  I apparently worry about my kids choking while they're in my care.  Not that I'm incapable of feeding them without them choking.  But, I find myself not leaving the room when they're eating.  In the van, I move the rearview mirror so I can watch them eating in case they choke and I have to pull over really fast.  Let's just be glad that I don't have the same lunch times as my girls- otherwise, I would get no adult talking time.

3.  I've discovered the dishes don't do themselves.  At the other house, I would volunteer to do the dishes quite often because I needed a "break" and pathetically enough, that gave me one.  Chad usually does the dishes after supper, but I guess I need to train the dishwasher to load itself during the day.

4.  Trey's new normal is thinking I'm going to buy him a toy (train or car) every time I walk into the store.  I forgot how exhausting age 3 at a store can be.  How do I break him of this?  Go to the store after kids' bedtime?  I have been "that mom" carrying a screaming kid out of the store more than twice this summer.  Go me!

5.  Our new normal in one week will be having 6 members in our family!  We have each Childs' picture in big 8X10 frames on top of our piano and I kept noticing that they were pushed off to the side and there was an empty spot on the left.  I would move them back to where they were, and again a little while later they would be pushed off to the side.  One day I got caught and Jada said, "MOM!  We have those there so there's room for Sophie's picture!"  My sweet girls are already talking about their new sister and making room for her on our family wall.  Everybody now, "Awwww..."