Sunday, August 29, 2010


Here in the midwest 
we LOVE our Ranch. 
*with pizza
*with fries
*with watermelon 
(Oh, wait. No, that was just one idea Gracie had
when she was three years old.
Just once.  
Wasn't a great idea, I guess.)
*on burgers
*on pizones

Today was Trey's first time of 
having Ranch on his OWN 
You decide if he liked it or not.
He's saying, "Go, go, go!"

Oh boy... what have I started?  

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Frog Day!

Friday was Frog Day at school!
Frogs that were brought to school were brought in that morning in a container.
First, in the classroom, we made frog hats.  This is Taegen.  She's a sweetheart!
I'm sorry... I do not know
how that part above was highlighted.
And I don't know how to fix it.
We drew a circle with chalk on the cement, with an X in the middle of it.  The students sat (at first) in a line to watch the frogs jump.
 ...until some of them saw frogs like this...
 and decided they'd rather watch from a distance.
 Or, in the safe arms of another parent.
 We put the frogs on the X, give them three jumps and then measure from the X to the third jump.  (notice how far this huge frog jumped- he's in mid-air!)
Every year fellow teachers, and parents, are amazed at how brave I am to pull the frogs out of the containers.  It's cute to hear how excited some of the kids are about handling their frog... but when the time comes to do it- they get scared and want help.  I've learned to just remind myself the frog/toad won't bite me... the grossest thing is how slimy or squishy some of the bigger ones are.  
 A few frogs made a beeline for the fence to the safety of the creek.  Some of the frogs and toads refused to move.  
 However, that could be because once the frog started jumping, the kids looked liked a flock of birds running in a big group this way and that following the frog.  So,  we had to regroup and have a talk about staying in your spot and letting the "frog catchers" gets up and catch the frog.  Otherwise, we were going to have squashed and stomped on frogs and toads.
Once inside, second grade teachers announced in each class who was the winner of their class.  Peyton was the winner of our class. His frog jumped the farthest.  
(Notice the icing on his face.  
We had a birthday party after recess.  
You know... on frog jumping day.  Why not?)
All in all, it was a great frog jumping contest!  Can't wait til next year!  It's my favorite day of the year.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

the zoo

I took the kids to the zoo tonight for two reasons.

1.  We haven't been there in a long time.  And our friends (the Ashers were going with us)
2.  Friday is Frog Day in second grade- complete with a frog jumping contest in the morning (pictures to come, I hope.), and I needed to get some frogs for prizes. 

Ok, that was three reasons.  
But, you know what I realized tonight?
It has been almost a YEAR since we had been there.

Seriously?  A YEAR?  
We're getting a zoo membership tomorrow. 
Just to show we still love the Wichita zoo.
both of these pictures were taken from the zoo website.

Monday, August 23, 2010

You're free

I'm going to butcher this.
But, I felt a need to write about it.
This last Sunday, Pastor Larry Thompson spoke to us about Galatians 6:14. 
May I never boast except in the cross
of our Lord Jesus Christ, 
through which[a] the world has 
been crucified to me,
and I to the world.
He was saying that sometimes we may feel like people are taking your "glory" for doing something fantastic.  Or, you may want attention for something you did.  But, that's not living for God.  That's living for the World, and seeking the World's approval.
Paul said, "God forbid, that I should glory in saving the cross.."  See, Paul knew that he shouldn't take credit for something God helped him to do.  He didn't care what people thought.  So, why should I?  No outside influences can harm you if you are dead to the World and what it wants.  
Pastor Larry said it perfectly:  "You are not the bad memories you have in your mind."  You should be free of the guilt, the expectations, inabilities, discouragements.  Tell the Devil to GIVE IT UP!  And tell God- You get the glory for what I've done.  My good deeds are for YOU.  My encouragements are for YOU.  
It's doesn't matter what I do in my daily life, if I give it to the World and want to take credit for it. It DOES matter what I do in my daily life if I give the glory to the cross. 
A few posts ago I said that I felt like I was back to my "good" teaching.  Did I want attention for this?  Maybe.  But, hopefully it was mostly because I feel good about where my life is right now.  And I know who I owe that to- and it isn't because of something I've done to make that happen.
I'm certain God was telling me something last Sunday.  Chill out, Jody.  Don't stress.  I will help you get through these first few weeks of school. 
My God knows I have so much guilt (being away from my own kids, not keeping up with my school work, not being encouraging enough to a certain student, not spending enough time with my husband, etc), so many expectations (of myself as a mother, teacher, friend, wife..), discouragements.  But, I know I can be free from all of this.  

Sunday, August 22, 2010

the weekend

Here are a few highlights from the weekend. 
Unfortunately, I didn't have my camera with me for all of Celebration Saturday.  It was in the car the whole time, so I just got a few of the girls.  
We realized that Trey knows how to play t-ball.  He got the bubble gum machine, a ball, and a bat.  The ball went on top of the bubble gum machine.  Then, he hit the ball, and went running across the room to the table (first base).  Awesome!  Thanks Penny for teaching him to play t-ball!
 I got our family pictures back today.  They are incredible!  We took them at Bethel College when Troy, Jami, and Sidney were home.  This was one of my favorite ones.
And this one is precious.
It's been a busy weekend.  Next weekend looks to be just as busy.  I think after next weekend, Chad and I will need a date night! We've hardly been able to spend time together, we're too tired! 

Friday, August 20, 2010


I'm back.
As in, I have been "gone" for a few years.
I realized this during a bathroom break
today at school.  I went in, I smiled to myself,
did what I was in there for, and had an
"Ah HA!" moment.
 I have been gone.
But, now I'm back.

The last few years I have felt sort of like
I haven't been giving my A-game.
I've been getting up, going to work,
doing what I've needed to get done,
and leaving. 
I think I was a good teacher during
those times.  I cared for the kids, made them
feel safe, and taught them the curriculum
they needed to learn.
It was fun, sometimes.
But, not like it used to be.
I'm guessing it was because of all the health
problems I had.  Starting with Trey's
pregnancy issues, then the post-pregnancy
issue.  And then putting the kids in daycare,
not wanting to be away from them.
And finally, having a hysterectomy last school
year.  That was the icing on the cake. 
And while I knew it needed to be done, and
was, in a way, excited about it- I didn't 
realize what kind of change it would bring
for me on such a personal level.

But, I really feel like things are stable
in my life now.  There's really not a lot
of "unknowns" anymore.  
Thank goodness!  We've had our 
fair share of those the last few years.

There was a change in me today.
In the bathroom, of all places!
God had a good giggle with that
one while we talked today, I'm sure.

Could it just be the honeymoon phase
at the beginning of the school year?
I hope not.  
I like loving my job.


2nd grade

2nd Grade
Teacher: Mrs. McCartney
The report at the end of the day:  
2nd grade is FUN!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Daddy time

Trey got an awesome train set from his cousin Wesley.  It has consumed a LOT of our time- in a good way!  And I think Chad likes the boy's toy as much as the boy.  

On an evening when we didn't have anywhere to be, the kids and Chad played with the train set.  There's an engine that is electric- you push a lever forward and the train goes forward.  Pull it back, and the train goes in reverse.  You can set up the track in many interesting ways.  So, they had fun doing all of that.

Chad is such an amazing dad.  He takes time to play with the kids.  He teaches them life skills, and disciplines in such a gentle way.  
The evening was so relaxing watching them play, and being nice to each other.  

 In a little bit I will be leaving to go back to school for Meet Your Teacher Night.  Chad, has all three kids, at a staff dinner that is on a farm with a trampoline, horses, and apple trees.  They are going to LOVE it.  What a great daddy that he would take them instead of asking Nana or someone else to watch them.  


Tuesday, August 17, 2010


 He climbed up.
He found crackers (in her bed!?)
He ate crackers.
He climbed down.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Room 188

Room 188 is almost ready for my 2nd grade class of 2010-2011.  I have a few things to put out like name plates, some goody bags, and other things.  But, for the most part, it's done.  

I wanted an ocean theme.  Something I copied from a conference I went to this summer.  It didn't turn out as I had planned, but there are cute parts of it. 
 Here is Captain Trey!
 Flowers that Chad and the kids 
gave me for my classroom.  
 Let's hope this year is smooth sailing!