Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Goodbye sweet Nube

As I listen to Chad making popcorn in the kitchen, one the first things I think of is our dog, Nube.  She LOVED popcorn.  We taught her to sit and wait for us to toss the popcorn in the air, and she was quick to snatch it into her mouth.  It was pretty impressive how fast you could throw it at her face and she'd catch it.

We got Nube the year after we were married.  We rented a small blue house that didn't allow pets.  We knew we were ready to make that commitment, so we found a duplex that allowed dogs.

Chad and I looked for the perfect dog.  We looked online, at the Newton humane society (Caring Hands), and other places but didn't find one we thought would suit us.  Wichita Humane Society, however, had Nube.

We were hooked when we saw her.  This little, white, tame, brown-eyed puppy (6 months old) just waiting for someone to take her home.  Chad and I talked about having a dog that didn't shed too much, and a dog that wasn't too hyper.  When we saw the puppy sitting so nicely while we talked to her, we fell in love. So, she came home with us.

Little did we know we had brought NUBE home with us.

Figuring out Nube's name took a few days.  We finally decided on Nube because in Spanish it means cloud.  She was all white at the time, so it seemed to fit well.

Funny how we thought this little, sweet puppy was going to be quiet and free from shedding.  We learned quickly this wasn't the case.  Nube loved to be with people, so trying to kennel her at night did not work.  I remember wondering if our neighbors on the other side of the wall stayed up listening to her bark as long as we did those first few months.  And the shedding... in the spring... that winter coat was swept up everyday after school.  I would get so mad at her for shedding so much.  I realized later it wasn't her fault, but it was still so frustrating.  We would take Nube out on the porch to brush her, and there would be clumps/handfulls of hair that came off that brush.

Nube loved our kids, and for the most part our kids loved her, too. (Besides the comment Jada made a few days ago when she started to say, "Goodbye Nube.." and ended with, "Oh, yeah.  You're dead.")  Below are a few pictures we got when the girls were little.

Nube was with us for a few years before Gracie came along.  The picture below is Nube trying to figure this "thing" out.

A few months ago we noticed Nube was starting to either seem old, or was getting sick.  She wanted to drink and drink, but didn't need to go out to the bathroom all that much.  She had to be picked up every once in a while because her back end would start giving out on her, making it hard to walk or climb steps.  She was sleeping a lot more around the house.  Sometimes she was too weak to walk too far from one sleeping spot to the other.

A few weeks ago I took Nube to my Uncle Norman, who is a vet.  When he did a blood test, he found out that Nube was losing red blood cells.  Instead of having 8 million, she had 2 million.  He suspected some kind of cancer- maybe bone marrow cancer.  I was given antibiotics to give her for the week.  However, after throwing up everything she ate that first day, she refused to eat the next three.  Chad took her back to Uncle Norman on Friday.  The blood work showed she lost more red blood cells.  So, on Sunday we had her put to sleep.

Our first family dog.
She was...
as hyper as any puppy can be,
so sweet to kids,
a peanut butter and popcorn lover,
a bed sleeper (and liked sleeping on Chad's side of the bed),
a watch dog (always barking at something going on outside),
prissy about getting her feet wet,
our first baby.

Goodbye Nube.
We'll miss you.

Sunday, March 28, 2010


Chad got Trey with the clippers.
Hmm... who do YOU think Trey Hawk looks like?

Two of a kind

"Hello, Papa!"

My parents watched Trey for the day on Friday.
Papa was talking on the phone,
so Trey thought he needed to talk to someone, too!

Until I can figure out my password to Picassa, here is a cute shot of Trey's new haircut... sideways!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

the bigger person

I stuck up for myself, 
and I stuck up for a friend.
I'm FAR from perfect, 
but today I was proud of myself!

Galatians 5:22-26 says:
"God's Spirit makes us loving, happy, peaceful, patient, kind, good, faithful, gentle, and self-controlled.  There is no law against behaving in any of these ways.  And because we belong to Christ Jesus, we have killed our selfish feelings and desires.  God's Spirit has given us life, and so we should follow the Spirit.  But don't be conceited or make others jealous by claiming to be better than they are.

So, I'm not boasting or saying I'm
better than others, but I'm proud that
I was gentle, and kind, and tried
to be a peacemaker.  I hope I 
showed God's love somehow today. 

Sunday, March 21, 2010

great grandpa

This is my grandpa Schrag.
Trey's great grandpa.
He loved on great grandpa today.
I love that Trey did that.
He is such a sweet boy.
I think he could sense grandpa's calmness.
And I'm thinking grandpa liked the attention.

Friday, March 19, 2010


Look at this sad face.

Ok, so he's not feeling SAD, but his eye is.
He's had sinus infection-like symptoms for a few days.
Yucky nose and now yucky, goopy eye.
Chad took him into the doctor, and came back with
meds for sinus stuff and the start of an ear infection.
Plus, the diagnosis of RSV.
Poor Trey Hawk.

He's has a love/hate relationship with his nebulizer.
This day he loved it. 
For 2 minutes.

Dear RSV,
Please go away. 
Our son can't breathe very well because of you.
You're not welcome in our house.
The Childs

Thursday, March 18, 2010


It was supposed to be a family day.
However, when all the family is on spring break,
and there are projects to do (finish the bathroom),
we tend to lazily go through our morning, working
on this or that (I promise, pictures to come!), and
pretty soon it's noon and we haven't done what
we planned on doing in the first place- going to the
You know, there ARE important things going on,
on t.v. like.... MARCH MADNESS!  that started
at 11 a.m.
But, truth be told, Trey has been feeling yucky, and
so he wasn't allowed to go out of the house, except
for his doctor appointment.
So we had a girls day out- 3 1/2 hours at the zoo!

There's nothing like Sno Cones on a mildly chilly afternoon...
(I wish that guy's head wasn't in my picture.  But, he was tall!)

And, rhinos...
And, baby giraffes...

There were a million, a jillion people there.  By the time we stood in line to get into the zoo, and then stood in line to get our lunch and eat, we had been there an hour and a half already!  I didn't bring in the stroller, so for the first time they both had to walk the whole way.  Good thing our zoo has a train! Say cheese!
We saw a few more animals, rode the train one more time, and ended up at the park by the gorillas.  
Gracie thought it was ridiculous that I made her go to the bathroom with Jada and I.  
I thought it was good Mommy thinking on my part.  
I don't regret it.
"Mom, no one is going to take me!"  
They were posing so well for pictures at the park, I couldn't stop
taking them.  I love my girls.

And my all time favorite picture of the day was this next one.
I didn't even know she made this face until we were home
and I saw it on the computer.

Thanks for a relaxing day, girls!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


He's going... and going.. and going!
Trey loves to push his walker around.
He's pretty cute doing it, too. 

His legs are pretty stiff, but he likes that he can be
such a big boy!

Go, Trey, Go!

Monday, March 15, 2010


Our poor dog, Nube, is not doing well right now.
We took her to the vet today and she's severely
dehydrated.  My uncle (the vet) thought maybe she
got into rat poisoning or something like that- but she
hasn't.  She doesn't have enough red blood cells right
now to be living a very full life.  So, he's really worried
about her doing any kind of movements that would
cause her to use extra energy (like maybe the time
she chased a white cat out of her yard a few days
ago).  He's worried she might have bone marrow cancer.
Which would be irreversible. 
Poor girl.
We're sad around here for our beautiful dog, Nube.

Saturday, March 13, 2010


There was a plumber/builder that came to our house today.
She was a VERY hard worker.
She made a cabinet for our bathroom to hold kid bath toys.

Here is her tool box (with her "hard hat").

And here is Plumber/Builder Gracie from "123 Workshop."

Jada called the plumber on her phone. 
She's in the bathroom where the work was done.


Thanks for the new cabinet Plumber/Builder Gracie!  
(She even offered to buy the paint to make it look pretty!)

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


What family of 5 (who only has 4 that brush their teeth) needs this many toothbrushes?

found under her pillow...

This was under Gracie's pillow tonight for the toothfairy.
She drives a hard bargain.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Random thoughts today:

1.  Trey turns 11 months old tomorrow.  My first thought about that is about Cora.  I can't imagine it.

2.  How many other parents are tortured by sibling rivalry?  You know, the kind that makes you want to curl up in the fetal position on the bathroom floor...

3.  Who has that recipe that has bbq beef filled crescent rolls?  We had them at 2nd grade collaboration the other day.  Yum.

4.  I think Estrogen pills make you have head aches. Just saying.

5.  I love my new bathroom so far! (pictures to come soon)

6.  I am so, so, so, so excited that I get to see Jess, Emily, Ella, and Mike in three weeks!
                                                                (Your welcome, Jeff)


Yesterday was my birthday.
A day well spent.
My students at school were great.
Not sure if it was the weather, but they were
quieter than usual, they listened really well,
and we had a good day!
Then, we went to ballet.... waited...
and waited... and waited on Gracie
to be done. 
After that we went to Hu Hot in Wichita.
Mmm....  so yummy.
Finally, shopping for our new bathroom.
Rugs, toilet seat covers, shower caddy.
I love Target.

33 years old.  Weird.
I don't want to grow any older.
I like being in my 30's. 
A friend posted on her blog that she gained
33 pounds this year as she turned 33 years old.
I feel the same way.
Maybe this is the year I finally lost weight.
I'm done having kids.  Seems like good
motivation to me!  We'll see...
For now, I will enjoy the cards I'm getting
in the mail, and the many birthday wishes!
Thanks everyone!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Mommy Day

My mom and I got to spend the day together- just the two of us.
Shopping for an entire 8 1/2 hours!  That's a lot
of shopping!  My husband is the best!  Love you!

My mom and I are a lot alike.
You know how they say you turn into your
parents as you age?
It's true.
We don't dress the same.
We don't have the same decorating ideas.
We don't drive the same type of car.
But, both of us love to shop.
Both of us are music lovers.
Both of us love Panera, Target, and High Street Company!
Both of us are self-conscience about the way we look.
Both of us love to give to other people.
And we LOVE spending time with each other.
I love you, Mom!  Thanks for a great day!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Well... looks like a party!

"Well... looks like a party!"
This is a quote made by Jada a while ago when we were eating
supper.  Sometimes that kid says the funniest things.

"Totally rock the house!"
"...a million, a jillion..."
"Shake whatcha Momma gave ya!"
(only she says, "Shake whatcha Momma gayda!")
"Shake your Boot-tay!"

These are other quotes that we hear often.

Probably almost a year ago we were invited
to a very important party.
The host- Gracie.
Here is the invitation:
It's still taped to our door- right where she put it.
I love it when they write words on their own.  
So sweet.


He found something squishy to bite on.  
He's such a happy kid!
He wants you to pay attention to him, so if you're holding
him and not looking at him, he will try to make eye contact
while he puts his face in your face.  It's so funny 
because he's so proud of himself when he gets your attention.
I think he's understanding how to sign, "more," when he wants
more food or snacks.  It's not quite the correct way to 
do it (he claps his hands), but I think we've figured out
that it means "more" to him.  Poor guy is probably confused though 
because we go through what clapping could mean- 
            "Patty Cake, patty cake..."
Oh well.  We're just so glad he's so happy all the time!
One last thing.  For Christmas the girls got flashlights that have
different things that attach to the end of it.  The princess flashlight
has pictures of high heels, a crown, etc.  And Tinkerbell has
different attachments to put on the end of the flashlight.  
The girls love to put them on the flashlights and then make the house
dark so they can see what will be on the wall.  It's not the
best picture, but you get the idea, right?

cool, huh?