Friday, May 28, 2010


I'm in such a good mood!
Nothing can ruin that in this moment.

Not even the fact that when we (meaning the kids and I) went out to eat with a friend they (my kids) were "those kids" in the restaurant who: whined, cried, screamed, got up from their seats to sit in an area that you're not supposed to sit on).

Not even the fact that we had such a great time on the slip-n-slide until Jada lost count of how many times she went and then got mad when I told her she had two more times to go, to which she screamed and yelled and had to go inside.

I am ELATED because I just got to do something I haven't been brave enough to do in many months, until 10 minutes ago.  I... took.. a... shower... while... Trey... was... AWAKE!  And it worked!  Besides the pile of about 25 q-tips on the floor- nothing bad was ingested, broken, ripped, or put down the toilet.  If you think this seems like no big deal- you don't know my son.  

I say that as he's walking over and giving Jada a big hug. Ah...

Thursday, May 27, 2010

summer list and bubbles

A creative blogger in town does a "summer to-do list" every summer with her kids.  (
We decided to do it, too.
The best ideas are borrowed, right?
The point is to make your summer more intentional.
To spend time with your kids on purpose.
What you don't see is room at the bottom for things that Chad will add.  
In fact, the picture itself isn't great- 
but, you get the point, right?

So far, we've started the paper mache project.  
A turtle pinata for Gracie's birthday party.  Fun, huh?

On another note...
Who knew a $1 at Dillons could be so fun!
 Trey thought the bubble container
was a light saber.


*van cleaned- check.
(now that I'm sweating- holy hot in the sun, and it's not even 100 degrees yet!  yikes.)
*baby napping- check.
*girls playing nicely together in their room- check.
*make a to-do list for the summer-soon.

for now I will eat some strawberries while searching for songs to put on my new IPod.  (Mother's day gift- yeah... but kind of addicting.  I need less addicting things in my life.  You know those things like: chocolate, Grey's Anatomy, computers, spending money....)

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

the end

The 2009-2010 school year is over.
I have officially taught for 10 years. 
That's... awesome!
I remember after my interview agonizing over
the decision to have my own classroom, or do the
safe thing and take a job as a Reading Recovery 
aide/para in Moundridge. 
So glad God spoke to me and helped me decide.
So glad I took the teaching job.
I can't imagine not being at Slate Creek.
The pictures of my classroom are blurry.
Camera is going out on me.
This is my classroom as you walk in the door.
Officially packed up for the summer.
 See you in the Fall!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

sprinkler park

Who took their children to see their cousin?
I did.  
I rocked today.
After a disappointing walk to the Arboretum, (there was a wedding.  Geez. Picky, picky.) we walked back to their house and then took the kids to the sprinkler park.

He actually loved it!
 There was a stand-off.
Can you see him waiting 
for the draw?


Signs of Summer

The last day of school was yesterday.
We're seeing signs of summer
around here.
See if you can spot them.
grass that needs to be mowed
(Sometimes I can imagine our neighbors 
coming out to their porches
and clapping their thanks
to us for mowing our lawn.)
  Princess Jada Jane in her own little world.
Even a princess on a scooter.
Fairy Gracie...
 playing "Monkey in the Middle."
Other signs of summer- 
a basketball and a wagon.
Notice the latest black eye our son has.
Trey Hawk vs. a picnic table.  
Guess who won.
And what else could possibly scream, SUMMER,
more than... Popsicles!
(Especially when they paint their mouths
red, or orange, or... and you realize
you have to go the store.  Oh well.)

Friday, May 21, 2010

Thursday, May 20, 2010


Ok, so most people probably think their kids make funny comments all the time.  

I'm no different.

Jada was on a roll yesterday, so I decided to start jotting them down so I would remember. 

*Gracie:  (After driving by Grace Community Church she says...) "Someday I'm gonna build buildings and I'm going to build a building in the shape of a kitty and call it 'Grace Communi-kitty!'"

*Jada:  (Pointing to her drink she says...) "I've seen these two words on tv for years and years!"  (get and got)

*Gracie:  (knowing the difference between the words bare and bear she talked first about bare trees and then said...)  "Mom, I don't want bear feet."  So, I said, "it would help you climb trees better."  She said, "No, then baby ones will want me to help them climb trees."

*Jada: (At the supper table I asked Chad if he drank out of one of the big glasses...) 2 minutes later, Jada points to my glass and says, "This one?  No, I didn't." 

and my favorite one from yesterday...

*Jada:  "I got a slushy today!"  I asked her, "Did you get to go somewhere today?"  She replied, "No, but we went to McDonald's!"

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


BBQ at East Lake:
Shish ka-bobs,
(chicken and ribs)
almost 70 of them! This was the last of them. 
The others were prettier with red and green peppers, 
onions, and mushrooms.)
and ladder golf,

some singing,

some swinging,

 and s'mores,
 and some marshmallow games