Friday, May 31, 2013

On the Friday before...

On the Friday before the Sunday that Sophie had to be at the airport, the family went to a drive-in movie theater.

If you've ever been to a drive-in movie theater, you'd know that it's important to find the best spot and attach the speaker to something inside your car.
Next, it's important to make sure everyone has a chair or spot to watch the movie. You might prefer inside in the car.  You might prefer outside. Either way, it's important to have the biggest tub of popcorn possible.

 And you eat.  and you eat.  and you eat that popcorn until you feel sick to your stomach. 
Your son might steal drinks from your Pepsi (you shouldn't be drinking that poison anyway), and then announce, "Where's the Diet Coke?"  (Nana???  Do you have something you need to tell us????)
 The movie will most likely be entertaining.  You'll love it, and wonder why you hadn't brought your family here sooner than now.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Thursday before...

On the Thursday before the Sunday that Sophie had to go back to Germany, she spent time with another American friend. 

Ashley was one of our saving graces this year.  She was nice enough to take Sophie to high school every morning.  I don't know any parent who would volunteer to go through that high school parking lot every morning, and so I was thankful to find out that once Ashley got her car, it wasn't a big deal for Sophie to tag along.  Plus, it created a nice friendship for both!
Time with Ashley was this morning....

And so right now Sophie is out with other American friends, doing other teenage things- probably happy to have a break from playing Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles or Barbies.  We'll be having family movie night while Chad mows the lawn.  The last night with her friends (that we know of).  So glad she's made good friendships this year with Americans.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The Wednesday before...

On the Wednesday before the Sunday that Sophie had to fly back home, there was a prom.

It was full of Barbies dressed in high fashion.
They even got their hair done at a fancy salon.
Each Barbie wore beautiful shoes that sometimes didn't even need to match their dresses!
One Barbie's date had to go in a wheelchair because his hands and feet were chewed off by a ginormous white furry animal last year.
  It was a fun time of dancing, and some extra entertainment brought to them by a small child waving around a scarf-type thing.  This entertainment must have cost the prom committee a pretty penny!
Sadly though, by the time the photographer got to the prom, everyone must have been very tired from all their dancing because this is what prom looked like.  I think that Barbie and her date in the wheelchair got into a fight.  She seems to be sulking in the corner.
 I've thought for a while now that THIS Barbie had something to sulk about- with no neck and all...
    Right after prom was done, there was a time travel to 5 years later..... when Barbies were having babies, and paying babysitters to take their babies to the park.

 There was a baby shower- so everyone had to get ready for that event.  Ken even mowed the lawn- shirtless, of course.  Everyone who was invited went to get the babies some gifts which included going to a pet store, or finding random things around the house- like a heart and a jumping cow... naturally....

All in all, I'd say that the Barbies had a great day!  
It was fun playing in Jada's room- just the girls.  We did much more than this throughout the day which included swimming lessons, going to school, and going to the airport twice (to see other exchange friends off as they go back to their homes across the ocean).  If I have it my way (but the weather doesn't seem to like MY ideas), we'll be doing a few things outside the next few days.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Tuesday before...

The Tuesday before the Sunday that Sophie had to fly across the ocean, most of the family went to the zoo.

Sophie brought one of her best (American) friends with her.
There weren't very many people at the zoo, so it was a nice relaxing time.  After sticking together for the North American tour, we split up-  teenagers separate from mom and kids.  They needed their own time to walk and talk.
So, the rest of us climbed on "animals," rode the train, and ooohed and aahhhed at snakes and lizards. 

  Apparently it was RED day.  
We were partly "that" family- who dresses the same.  
We didn't mean to.
We just like the color red.
 And we like the zoo.
Especially when there aren't a lot of people there. 

Monday, May 27, 2013

The Monday Before...

The Monday before the Sunday that Sophie had to leave, the family went to a yummy place to eat for supper.
 It was cold, so naturally, some of them took in their blankets.
And when I say, "cold," I mean it was 77 degrees outside.
But, much cooler inside.
 And when I say, "cooler," what I mean is that this family was there.
I mean, come on...
What other family makes chop sticks into walrus teeth?
 Or, how about drum sticks to the songs in the restaurant?

 How many of you can stick your chopsticks in your dimples?

This Monday before the Sunday that Sophie has to go home, this family decided on a special restaurant as their "treat" for the day. You never know what might happen with this clan...

 They might even break in singing using noodles as their microphones!


Sunday, May 19, 2013


I really thought this year I would keep up with my blog.
Hasn't happened like I planned.
Something had to take the back burner.
Guess this little blog was it.

But, now onto Sophie's big day.
An American Graduation!

In Germany they don't make such a big deal of wearing a cap and gown and promenading onto a football field with music playing in the background.

    All the while a stormy sky is setting up for tornado action!
 In our shades and lollipops in hand, we were ready for anything!

 Then, we saw Sophie walking in and stood up to cheer!

 So proud of our graduate!
Look at Class of 2013...

 The rain drops fell a little at a time.
Nothing too alarming...
Each student was called one by one by full name.
Across the stage they each went.
And then it was Sophie's turn.

   We yelled as she walked across the stage.
She got her picture taken (and thought it was weird to hold an empty book).
The graduates did this...

 (Do you see their hats in the air, German family? Such a fun tradition!)
Jada and I high-tailed it to where we thought Sophie would be by the field. 
Picked her up.
Drove to get some ice cream for home.  
Got home and it started POURING!
There were tornado warnings and a few touchdowns in Wichita, so we had to stay in the basement for the rest of the afternoon.
And since YESTERDAY seemed like Sunday, I felt like I had a whole extra day to this weekend!
Because of this afternoon's weather, we didn't get a chance to get a picture of Sophie in her cap and gown.  :(
But, she was surprised at her gifts- 
A Newton shirt- to always remind her she was/is a Railer.
An American flag shirt- to always remind her of her American family.
A homemade ruffled bag in the colors she likes (from the one on Pinterest).

What a special day for Sophie!  
It was fun to celebrate with her.          

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Why did the pony not sing in music class?

10 jokes in their joke book so far- that they are writing.
The girls have been into jokes lately.  
Which has spilled into me sending one of our secretaries kid jokes in the mornings.
Which she replies with a few of her own.
Which are actually quite hilarious.

13 days.
That's how many days I have left to make sure my 2nd grade students know their 2nd grade "Stuff."
They've learned a lot this year.
Common Core has kicked in high gear.
I {heart} it.

4 more weekends.   
Until we send Sophie on a plane back to Germany.
There are so many things yet to do.
But, with a hectic May schedule- we might not have the time.
Hoping the weather stays nice.

1 more professional day at school.
Where I have to lead it.
It's 2 hours long.
I don't have 2 hours worth of material, I'm afraid.
Guess I could always take the girls' joke book! HA!

I feel like all I'm doing in May is counting days, or looking at numbers on the calendar.  
I'm ready for the pool to be up.
And, having no plans, and then making plans all of a sudden.
And, nice weather.
Like a nice number in the 70's or 80's.