Monday, April 30, 2012

Right Now

Saw this on a blog recently, and since I'm feeling out of blog post ideas lately, I thought I would share about what's going on right now...

Right now I am...
watching: the news- bad storms out tonight.  We wanted to watch 2 Broke Girls (the yelling show), but the news took over.

drinking: water- just got off the treadmill!  go me!

wearing: a youth group shirt with workout pants.  bare feet.

eating: nothing right now, but we had cheese dip for supper- one of the only ones we ALL like!

listening: to Chad talk on the phone to Blake

avoiding: the dishes.  Those things give me the stare too often.

wishing: summer would come sooner! Can't wait for harvest, MN, Omaha, swimming lessons, camp, and family!

feeling:  nervous for my good friend who is having surgery tomorrow.

missing: my Jessica.  4 more weeks until I get to spend time with you Jeff!

thankful: for good news tonight- sorry, can't share, but it's good news for some good friends!

craving: Chipotle. Amy, we need to go there soon!

wondering: if it's safe to take a shower with all this thunder and lightning right now.

praying: for peace in my heart about sending my students on to live with their families for the summer. Last time I had a class like this (who touched my heart so much, but had horrible home lives) I had a panic attack at school the last day of school and had to go the hospital for an EKG.  Found out that day I have a mitro prolapse valve.  who knew!

needing: a good family movie night

thinking: I need new running/walking shoes.  These have always been too big, and now they really hurt my feet. wah!

dreaming: of how I will paint the kitchen this summer, and what kind of porch swing we'll get... eventually.  

loving: that I will get to spend days with my own children at our new house this summer.  3 more Mondays!  


Tuesday, April 24, 2012

All Lined Up

Even when Jada was little, she would line up things she had.
One Christmas it was lining up all her candy.
At school it's lining up her crayons.  
Here you can see she lined up her shoes.
 I'm sure the therapists in our family would diagnose it as something.  As a mom, I think it's awesome that she likes things organized.  
Like her pile of dolls.
 Hopefully this organization will spill over into her teenage years!
On a side note, I heard her talking the other day while she was in her room.  I knew she was alone, playing with Polly's and other dolls.  This was the birthday party she was attending.

 She was having so much fun.
I love age 6.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Pinterest Party

Some friends and I got together a few weekends ago and had a Pinterest Party!  We all came with projects to do that we've pinned on Pinterest. There was painting on paper, wood, and canvas.  Sewing projects- quilts and blankets.  Scrapbooking and putting chicken wire on frames.  Bracelets that were sewn together, and someone who says she's not crafty so she baked delicious food!
So much fun!

 I painted four boards a dark brown color.  Then, stenciled and painted a phrase for Chad onto them.  And when I took it home, I used sandpaper to chip the paint a little bit to make it look older.  I think I could have sandpapered a little more, but I really like how it all turned out.  Chad put it above our bed this weekend.

 And speaking of Pinterest projects.... here's my next one.  I'm going to magically turn this lampshade into something fantastic.  Using fabric trim and a hotglue gun.  BWA-HA-HA-HA!!!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

photo booth

Chad's cousin, Natasha, got married last weekend.  Such a pretty bride!
 And they had a photo booth at the reception.
Trey's face in this first picture just makes me laugh so hard.
Here we are at our best.


Thursday, April 12, 2012


Trey Hawk
Trey Hawk-Jayhawk
Big Guy

Whatever you call him, he's now three years old.
We've made it this far without a broken bone.
 He's on the go, all the time.
With his Mack truck, and Lightning McQueen, and his airplanes, and all his Thomasseseseses.
I can't ever get a decent picture of him.  He moves too quick for the camera.
Out of our three children, he has the biggest southern accent.  
He says, "Gi-TARRR." (guitar).
And, "Ka- CHOOOWW." (from Cars)
Seems like everything has a twang coming out of his mouth.
Trey is into cutting paper with scissors.  
Doesn't matter if it's something you spent a long time on at school- he would like to cut it up.
Chad says I baby him too much.
But, he IS my baby. 
It's allowed.
In my opinion.
 He knows his letters and numbers, and recognizes them when we're going places.  He loves his blankie still, and we carry that around when we're going places. 
I love the goofy way he runs.
And his dimples.
And how he wants to be so big all the time.
And how much he loves his Daddy ("just the boys!")
And how much he laughs and smiles each day.
And his onery side.


Monday, April 9, 2012

24 and 3

This happy picture says it all.
Happy Birthday Amanda and Trey!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

While one baby slept...

While baby Elsie slept...
 a Mother watched as her own children got their faces painted...
And dyed Easter eggs...

 And when Elsie woke up they found Easter eggs.
She helped with collecting the loot!

 This family has had a fun Easter weekend, 
and they haven't even celebrated birthdays yet!
Pizza Machine, ice cream cake, and 
celebrating Jesus's Resurrection
are in their very near future! :)

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

the 80's

Isn't it awesome how we're created with memories.

Like of the 80's.
neon colors.
rolled up jeans.
high tops.
high hair- you haven't seen nothin' til you've seen MY high hair from the late 80's/early 90's.

And music- where was I when I listened to [this] song?
American Idol had an 80's theme tonight.
And Chad kept asking me what the songs made me think of.

Usually they make me think of Buhler pool.  But, tonight, a lot of them made me think of times in MN.  Were they really singing 90's songs?

One of the songs even made me think of my Aunt Tara's house.  The one by the lake.
I used to listen to Tina Turner, and that girl band that sang, "JUMP! (...for my love..)" at her house.

Oh, the 80's.  
Such good times...
I might have to post some hair pictures on here sometime.