Monday, February 25, 2013

sledding and snow day fun!

When the Grabers called and said, "Come sledding with us at our house," we jumped on the chance to head to the country.  However, once we got there, we realized we weren't really going sledding.... we were going on a luge down a chute!  

Kelson had taken the tractor to their yard to make chutes to sled down.  With four sleds, we could go quite a few times.

 It was so fun seeing everyone so happy!
One of my favorite things about sledding was watching their boys stock up on snowballs down at the end of the chutes, and waiting.... for Chad.
Chad would run and jump on the sled on his stomach, fly down the path and take out both boys with snowballs on the way as he shot past them.  It was like a 007 movie.  
And then, the snowball fights would break out.

  Waffles, eggs, sausage, fruit came next.  And then to top off the night- S'MORES in their warm fireplace after games.  What a perfect evening with friends!  

And then came more snow days!  
So far we've had three- we're actually to the point of WANTING to go to school tomorrow.  I'm serious.  I think if we have one more snow day, we're going to pack our bags and go somewhere warm.  
  Amy had posted about this science experiment and how well it went with her kids on one of their first snow days.  Glad she shared this little Pinterest project!  Trey and I went to Wally World before the snow started today (on our snow day- ahem!), and got the supplies.  We got back, and here is how it turned out.

  They also painted, played the recorder, fought with each other, played the piano, the piano game, fought with each other, listened to music, fought with each other, video chatted with friends, watched some t.v., and fought a little more with each other.  :)

So, as you can tell, one more snow day might hurt somebody.  Sophie and I had to get out of the house Saturday.  We went shopping- it was so nice.  I love shopping with her.  Didn't expect to spend money on myself, but it seems that spending four days in the house because of snow is the cause of it.  That's justifiable right? 


Saturday, February 23, 2013

take a deep breath

I walked into the living room 
and what did I see?

All of the paper doll clothes staring at me!

 I took a deep breath,
and thought in my head, 
"Jody, remember what you have read.

They'll grow up too quickly.
Let them make a mess.
Even though at this time it gives you stress.

You'll have guilt later,
when they're out of the house.
And the toys sit downstairs, quiet as a mouse."  
So I let the fun continue,
and I knew deep in my heart-
that they stay little for only a while 
before the "tween" age will start.
 And then reality set in....
We had friends coming in 30 minutes.
No mom guilt was needed,
We were in a state of emergency!
"Put these away," I said, "They're coming."
(Which could have been a catastophe.)

But, to my amazement, the girls, "Ok."
And they set right to work,
without stopping to play.

Taking a deep breath once again,
The kids scream and play-
happy, contented, and as for me...
I'll be in a my bedroom listening to them grow up as they play with their friends.




Friday, February 22, 2013

Lose Myself by Toby Mac

Take all of the good, and all of the bad, 'cause all of it's so me
Take all of my ways, the things that I chase, the things control me
and all that I hide, could you bring it to life,
Could you open my eyes and show me
Take all that was me and shape it to be reflecting you solely  

I wanna lose myself, lose myself to find you
I wanna lose myself, lose myself to find you
I don't care how it sounds, burn it all to the ground
Your kingdom my desire
I wanna lose myself, lose myself to find you

As all of me fades, I'll be on my way, the wreckage behind me
My feet on the ground, two hands reachin' out
The future is blinding
So what is stirring in you, may it stir up in me
All the dreams you placed inside me
Take all that you see, then shape it to be, the story you're writing
I wanna lose myself, lose myself to find you
I wanna lose myself, lose myself to find you 
Don't care how it sounds, burn it all to the ground
Consume me with your fire
I wanna lose myself, lose myself to find you
I need to find you    


Monday, February 11, 2013


Gracie had a best friend who moved to the other side of town- which meant he attends a different school nowLast school year this friend taught Gracie how to play basketball, at recess.  

 So, this school year, she decided to go out for rec ball.  She has a pretty good shot!  And she practices at home almost everyday. 
   For the past two months we've been going to practice on Tuesdays and Thursdays (which also happened to be at our school, so mommy got time to do extra work which worked out GREAT!), and games on Saturdays.  
 It was pretty exciting to see her team win game after gameHer dad gave her "pointers" after the games on how to be more aggressive.  But, I'd say, she did a pretty great job her first round at playing basketball.  

We all could get used to going to see Gracie play ball. :)

Monday, February 4, 2013

fact or opinion?

Let's play a little game of FACT or OPINION.
I will tell you four statements.
You will decide if they are a fact, or an opinion.

1.  Mrs. Childs taught her class about facts and opinions today.
2.  Mrs. Childs has an awesome writing topic about football using fact and opinion this week.
3.  Because Mrs. Childs was in a hurry, she put on one brown shoe and one black shoe this morning before heading to school.
4. Mrs. Childs can think fast on her feet (no pun intended), so she included her "mistake" of putting on two different colored shoes into her lesson about facts and opinions today.

1. fact
2. opinion (but it is my opinion that it's going to be a touchdown with the kids!)
3.  regretfully.... fact.
4.  FACT!

I am teaching the kids that if it's a fact, they need to think of ways to prove it.  My proof is in the following picture.
   So, what COULD have been an embarrassing moment really just turned into a great way to add to my lesson!  Go me!

Friday, February 1, 2013


Trey and I stayed home today.
His fever must have broke overnight.
My throat still hurts this morning.

Sick days can be relaxing.
You could stay in bed and sleep.

You could not be relaxing and instead, entertaining a three year old who seems to be feeling just fine.  
While you, however.... aren't.

Not sure what I was thinking, but I fed this to him for breakfast...
   Thank goodness this is how much he ate of the donut.
The gum, however, was HIS choice of breakfast.
 eh, whatever.

The smiley face on this remained all morning.  
   I don't often get the chance to sit down and see what all he knows how to do.  This kid loves to use his hands, so his sister's activity book was first choice today since he could use a tiny pencil and crayons.

 It's nice to see he knows his letters and sounds.  Thank goodness for older sisters who play "school" with him!

For lunch, we had a picnic... in front of the downstairs tv.
  Don't look at our unhealthy lunch.  There wasn't one thing that was nutritious.  But, picnics in your jammies are pretty awesome!

He's feeling fine.
But, he's still taking a nap this afternoon.
Because this sick momma needs some sleep!