Saturday, January 26, 2013


Pinterest just might be what I've been waiting for all these years.  Ever since becoming a mom, I've often wondered what it is that my kids would say I "do" for fun.  In fact, I had to laugh at a recent Jada quote- after doing something apparently hilarious, Jada laughs and says, "Mom, you're ACTUALLY getting funny!"  

What a Debbie Downer I must be all the time.

So, back to Pinterest.
I've talked about it here on the blog before.
I just can't get enough of it.
I'm really just not creative.
But, Pinterest helps me.

So, I asked for a sewing machine for Christmas.
I bet you won't believe my next line-
I got a sewing machine for Christmas.
I got right to work on something I've seen all over the web for years and have wished I was creative enough to make it.  


I bought fabric that would match both the kitchen AND my bedroom- mostly because if this little project didn't work out, I could hide my limited "talent" in my bedroom and still be pretty proud of myself.
 I had no pattern.
Just cut the size I wanted and started sewing.
 At this point I thought, should I attempt some lace?
So, I did.
And I love it, but don't look too closely.
It doesn't lay down like I wanted it to.

  Yes, the bird cages (my favorite) are indeed upside down.
Good thing I'm not making someone pay me for this little project. 
Oh well.
My first sewing project (outside of the "gym bag" I made in middle school).  
   Oh, and in case you're wondering.... I put it up in the kitchen.
(enter smiley face) 


Friday, January 25, 2013

He's changed who I am.

He's made me a smarter parent.
He's helped me understand what it means to take care of someone else, and care about it.
He's encouraged me.
And he's performed his therapy on me.
He's shown our family what good work ethic is.
He's been tough on us when it counted.
He's been my best nurse through sickness and deeper emotional sickness.
He shows us what love is.
He's introduced me to a lot of different food that I wouldn't have tried before he came along.
He's proved that he. can. dance.
He's been the best daddy any kid could ask for.  He plays school with them, and the Wii, and helps with homework, and wrestles, and snuggles.

and it's his birthday today.
 Happy Birthday to the best husband!

I hope that today you know you are loved.  Not only by us, your family, and your coworkers, but most importantly by God.  He's been so good to us.  And I pray at night that I become the wife you deserve. Happy Birthday Chad!

  He might hate me for this last picture, but this was when he learned that I was taking him on a date to the Harlem Globe Trotters that night.  Even though he was tired from only getting one hour of sleep the night before, we had a good time.  The Globe Trotters were funny and we laughed out loud several times.  It would have been a blast for all the kids to see it as well.  We went to Old Chicago afterwards-  you can't go wrong with Old Chicago!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

New Year. New Me.

I've heard that saying so many places this New Year already!  

I'm ready for that.
New year.
New me.

I've changed a lot this year.
Might be all the changes we've had.

Might be all in the greater part of life called "growing up."

Either way, I'm not comfortable anymore.
I don't have the answers I'm looking for.

But some things are clear for me:
1.  I have a new favorite kind of music.  And his name is Phillip Phillips. His music makes my heart feel the same way Sarah McLachlan, Jason Mraz, and John Mayer's music does.

And happy.

 So, if you're looking for me, I'm listening to my favorite Pandora station:  Phillip Phillips.
2.  I finally found my "style" of decorating and I think now that I own a sewing machine I might finally be able to get closer to that style in my own house.  I can not wait for my annual antiquing day with my mom this year because I have a few things in mind I'm looking for:  an old ladder, more burlap, and wooden letters that I can spray paint.

3. We are getting ready for a major shift in life.  I can't talk about it on here, but just wait...  I'm putting my trust in God- trying to be real with him.  I've been discussing how I might be worried/scared/excited/nonchalant/too laid back about it, but I will trust Him to take care of us.  God is good.  He knows this isn't the end of the world for us.  He knows that our marriage/family will become stronger because of this.  He's got the bigger picture in mind for us, and someday we will look back at all the stress we're going through now, and know why.

4.  I highlighted my hair again.  I'm blonde again.  I feel like myself when I'm blonde.  You can take that any way you want.  But, I was meant to be blonde.  :)

Hopefully 2013 will show me what the "new me" is.  Teaching is getting harder.  Parenting gets trickier the older they get.  But, we're blessed.  And I'm going with that. 

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

How did we survive?

How does one family survive 9 Christmas Get Togethers in one season?

You just make sure everyone is in the car, and you hope for the best.  The best behavior.  The best food.  The best relatives that want to play with your kids while you enjoy adult time with other adults.

And apparently, you don't take very many pictures.  
But, you do make forts, have floor picnic parties, swim, and celebrate retirement.
   Play basketball, sing many many Christmas songs, eat a ton, play board game/Wii games, and celebrate Jesus.

Bake cookies, make crafts, go to the Mall of America (Property Brothers were there!), open presents, dance, and love on each other.

Happy New Year everyone!


Wednesday, January 2, 2013

resting peacefully... in Jada's bed.

We went to Minnesota over Christmas break, and while that's another post, this one about Jasper.  He did not get to go North with us.  Instead, he was kenneled at my aunt and uncle's vet clinic for 5 days.  

Yes, we took his bed.
Yes, we took his blanket.

But, if you've ever been in a vet clinic, you know what my poor doggy had to sleep on in- a metal cage.  :(

So, I guess you can imagine how fine he feels tonight to be sleeping in this comfy "cage" (if you can consider the bottom bunk to be a cage).  
  I went into her bedroom to turn off the light, and saw this.

You think he pulled those covers over himself?

He kept giving me those "I know, I know... you can take my man card... but I'm not leaving this spot!"  At least the blanket is green with Santa's instead of the pink Princess one she's wrapped up in.

Welcome home, Jazzy!