Sunday, January 30, 2011

Kansas Day

Hey Y'all!
Did you know Kansas turned 
150 years old on January 29th?

At school, we had six KS day centers.
*quilting with mom
*sunflower state snack
(cupcake in the middle,
twinkies for the petals)
*color a Jayhawk
(no finished product, sorry)
*making butter in baby food jars
(You can't see them, but the kids
are shaking the jars while she talks)
*write Kansas facts into a booklet
*storytelling with my Grandma Schrag
about Kansas past
(See Gracie sitting in front of her?
You should have seen her face. 
Gracie LOVES hearing about family history.)

There was a boy who wanted Mom to stay
after school so he could sew with her.
Kids heard about Handy-Upy:
a game Grandma and her siblings 
played, where they stood on either side
of a shed/building and threw a ball over 
the shed and kept track of how many times
they missed catching it.
Surprisingly, not as many kids like
Twinkies as I thought.
But, Happy Birthday, Kansas!
We love this state!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

W is for Wings

First day back from Christmas vacation and we sign up for treats at preschool. 
What kind of snack do we make for "W" week?
Something that involved waffle pretzels...
So, we made... birds!
Step 1:  frosting on an oreo
 Step 2:  place waffle pretzels on 
the sides as "wings."
Step 3:  place a Whopper on top
for the head
Step 4:  using frosting and an M&M,
add the feet to the bottom
Step 5:  try to fit 14 little "birdies"
in the very limited choice of 
tupperware you own.  
Happy "W" week!

Campfire/Blanket Day

covered wagons 
in a circle at night
with blankets
singing songs
talking about dangers along the way
writing letters back home to families
eating trail mix
sitting by a campfire
talking about which trail to take
shoes off
sharing, laughing, smiling

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

hmm... little girls

Sitting in myclassroom.
Watching 7-8 year olds play inside recess.
Are some kids wired to be nice?
Are some kids wired to be mean?
What is the exact age that girls start
to be caddy to each other? 

I really do have a nice class.
They have been getting along all year now.
But, lately, I'm seeing relationships

Friendships that were so close before...
are starting to diminish.
Good for some.
Not so good for others.

New friendships are forming.
Again, good for some.
Not so good for others.

I don't want to hurt a reputation of
anyone in my class, but knowing
what I know at 33 about how girls
can be... I just want to scream,
"Get out of that friendship now,
while you're still nice!" 

I've struggled with this with Gracie
for a few years.  She's a magnet
to little girls who are needy, cryers,
hurting inside. 

However, this year, she's made a really
sweet friend who has turned into a
BEST FRIEND.  And for Gracie,
it's wonderful!  They are stuck like glue!
And her parents are GOOD PEOPLE.
I'm so happy for her.  I hope this good
friendships continues.  If not for her,
than for me!  (just kidding... kind of)

Thursday, January 20, 2011


We could have had a snow day when it actually snowed- a little over a week ago.  But, we didn't.  We trudged through the snow and watched inch after inch come down while we had campfire day at school.

BUT, today.
Today we got a "Snow" day because of ice.
Ice that was melted off the streets by noon.  


This morning the girls "dressed up."
The outfits were... er... interesting.
Tanks tops on the top,
with a scarf around the neck.
One with a tutu, the other with a
see-through skirt.  
Both with boots that went up to their knees.

I sort of wished I had the courage to take
them out.  Just for the pure pleasure of
seeing the faces of other peoples' surprise!

It's been a good day.
Just the "ice day" (snicker) that I needed.

Saturday, January 8, 2011


Tonight I went on a super fun/needed girl's night with Amy Asher.  We talked about our friendship and how easy it is.  Do you have a friendship like that?  We don't get jealous of each other, we couldn't think of a time when we've been so mad at each other that we needed to talk it out, and it's just so easy to be with her.  We're glad for texting to just check in and let each other know, "Hey, I haven't seen you in a while, but I'm thinking about you and miss you."  And that's enough for a while.  Living across the street from her was soooo convenient, but we have a different level of friendship now that she's moved across town.  I l.o.v.e her.

But, that's for another post.
This post is what happened as a result of me leaving the house tonight.  Or maybe not BECAUSE I left, but rather, just what happened AFTER I left.

Our oldest daughter was apparently a cohort in helping my husband become bald.  She shaved his head!  So, I came home to a cleanly shaven husband- his head, and his face. 

Even though I love the way Chad looks bald, this might make me think twice about leaving the house for an extended amount of time!  What might she learn next?  

Friday, January 7, 2011

Christmas Favorites

I realize it's January... but it's time I put up Christmas pictures!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Awesome Parent Award

My day:
*woke up to someone poking me because I slept in
*got ready
*got kids ready
*took Gracie to daycamp at the rec center
*texted Danielle to see if Abi was going
(mostly because of Gracie's nervous look)
*got a text saying that Abi was going
*felt relieved that Gracie would know someone at daycamp today

*did a bunch of "stuff" at work
*blah, blah, blah
(fast forward to after 3 p.m.)

*picked Gracie up from daycamp 
*went to the outlet mall to get her P.E. shoes
(yes, Mr. Brown, we are FINALLY buying her real p.e. shoes.  You're welcome.)
*in the middle of trying on shoes, I get a call
*as I look at who is calling me I gasp, grab Gracie, run out of the shoe store, and book it to...
PRESCHOOL... where I forgot Jada.
*30 minutes late.  Again.  (Yep, you read it right.  This wasn't the first time. dang.)
*I texted Amy Asher to let her know I got the Awesome Parent Award.... she told me she owns it.  OWNS IT!  Well, she was nice enough to loan it to me today.
Poor Jada.  
Middle child.
Will this be how it is with her?
I hope not.
I can not get it in my brain that she's in school.
Well... preschool.
But, school.

So, that's how I started my day.
How did it end, you ask?
*Bathing children.
*Reading books to Trey.
*Then, he put his bottom in my face as he fell asleep.
*He loves me.
Maybe tomorrow I will get to give my award back to Amy.  I'm going to be more awesomer as a parent.  This New Year of 2011, I will not make a resolution, but instead, try to remember where my children are during the day.  
By the way, if you did not receive a Christmas card from us, it's not your fault.  It's because I can't get a certain store (ahem.. Walgreens) to print off more cards.  They can't tell me why.  It's the just the way it is. I gave them the awesomest store award.  Anyway, we love you all.  Here is the picture that's on our card.  
Happy New Year!  It's gonna be a good one!