Sunday, October 28, 2012

Carving pumpkins... and Target... and Old Navy

Told by Gracie (with my two cents added in):
Here are the steps to carve a pumpkin:
1. Gather materials (go to the store for PUMPKIN carving tools when your daughter cuts herself with a knife because you were dumb enough to give her one to use on her pumpkin.) 
  2.  Cut off the top of the pumpkin.  Remove all the pumpkin guts.

 3.  Draw your pumpkin design on the outside of the pumpkin with a permanent marker.  

 4.  Carve (with a pumpkin tool!) along the marker lines.  Have Jody take your picture with your pumpkin when finished.

 5.  Go to the store (for the third time that day) to buy battery operated lights for the insides of the pumpkins.

 Chad's Jayhawk, Gracie's jack-o-lantern (bottom left)
Sophie's haunted house, Jada's two jack-o-lanterns, 
Trey's bats and number three.
   This big beauty is mine (Jody).  I'm going to drill holes in it to make it look like polka dots. 

As for Target.... 
Every year we go, as a family, to Target searching for the "right" costume.  And every year we usually stay for over an hour because we like to try on the different choices.  It's free entertainment. Here are the Childs kids in one outfit.  

And Old Navy...


Tuesday, October 23, 2012

get away

The girls and I had Fall Break. 
Chad took off work.
We left town.
We needed to get away.
  Omaha provides us with relaxation and family time.
We laughed.... ALOT.
If you've never played the game Telestrations, you should.  We laugh at each other and no one takes offense to it. I loved seeing the kids so happy!  Telestrations needs to come out with a junior edition.  
 The Henry Doorly Zoo keeps getting better and better.  These vines in the jungle were good entertainment.  
We were there for 5 hours!  I think it wore pretty much everyone out.  It's not flat like it is here in Kansas.  

 Anyway, just a nice get away.  Enough to get me through to the next break- Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

If you didn't already know... Trey!

If you didn't know already, Trey loves fire trucks.
 So, you can imagine his disappointment when his daycare provider (Jessi) had a field trip to the fire station and he couldn't go.
He did NOT make this face...
 Instead, he cried and cried about not getting to go.  Jessi was so sweet and made a "Paper Trey" to go with them- since all of the other families could go.  Paper Trey sat in the fire truck- she took pictures of him.  She is so thoughtful.

He got to bring home a fireman hat- which he wore home, even though the back of it stuck way out and he had to hold his head out in front of him for the 5 minute drive home.

If you didn't already know...Trey also loves pumpkins. 
 We got pumpkins from Papa Schrag's pumpkin patch.  Gracie, Jada, and Trey got to pick out two pumpkins each.  And then, Papa gave them each a ride in the wheelbarrow.  It was.... hilarious.  The most fun I've seen them have in a while.  

I wonder if we should paint our pumpkins this year instead of carving them.  I've seen some cool painted pumpkins.  But, then, we wouldn't get the joy of throwing them away after they've been carved for several weeks and are molding in the middle.  :)

If you didn't already know... Trey is growing up way too fast.  He makes us laugh daily.  He has his own opinion on... well, pretty much everything.  He's a mama's boy right now.  Trey doesn't allow other people in the family to do things for him- unless it's me.  But, my favorite is how he lays next to me when I put him to bed and he whispers, "I love you Mommy."  I love you too, Buddy.