Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A boat

Have you ever wanted to sail far away on a boat,
 with your own handsome guide?
Just two good friends,
 playing in some form of water,
 while your guide snacks,
 with his mom.
 Just sayin'.... could be a fun way to spend a Wednesday morning in the heat!

Saturday, June 25, 2011


Last year they could go under 
the water holding their breath.
This year, they are jumping off the side,
diving from the side of the pool,
and jumping/diving off the diving board.
We'll need more practice this summer
to perfect.  But, it's exciting to see
them confident in the water!
These teachers are really patient,
and they praise even when it wasn't
the kids' best dive/jump/tread.
They are so worth the price!
And in just two summers of lessons
my girls know so much more than I
think they would have learned other places.
T-Rex didn't have to come to swimming
lessons everyday, but when he was
there, I had to find things for him
to do.  If you're ever in this situation,
take lunch.  He MIGHT have spilled
a lot of his kool-aid all over his
shirt, and he MIGHT have dropped food
on the ground and picked it back up
to eat it, but at least he was occupied
with something other than worrying about
being in that pool!


Thursday, June 23, 2011

random June

*The weather has been so beautiful this week that I actually WANTED to go camping.  Usually we do this in the HEAT of summer and I regret going while I'm there.

*My goal this week is to watch, Marley and Me, sometime this week.  Pretty high standards in summer, huh?

*We've been talking about shampooing the girls hair because of the chlorine from swimming lessons- they freak out thinking their blonde hair will turn green.  Jada asked me if the inside of her tummy was going to turn green because she swallowed some water at swimming lessons and "it definitely tasted like chlorine."

*I {heart} chili lime popcorn seasoning.

*Within one week Chad changed jobs, we got a dog, and bought a new car.  What's next?  A house.

*Our summer list is going slowly.  I'm ready to start working on it seriously. Yet, our days have been PACKED!

*The girls last day of swimming lessons is tomorrow.  I'm so amazed at all they can do after 8 days of lessons.  AND, it's been a great time to catch up with a sweet friend!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Father's Day

Father's Day happened to land on Gracie's birthday this year.  So, we celebrated them both yesterday!  
First, we went to the zoo.
Then, Gracie wanted pizza for lunch.
We took her a new place- Avivo.
She hated it.
Cried for most of the lunch time.
She got to pick dessert- Twisted Cow.
Trey slept through most of it.

After going home for naps for the afternoon,
we went to my parent's house for supper.
And swimming.
We had a nice evening with my grandparents,
and parents.  

Chad got peanuts (which Trey was excited about!),
clothes for his new job, and a gift certificate to
Red Lobster.  They have chicken there, right?
(He might have to go with his parents!)

Gracie got Rapunzel stuff, an LED flashlight, the Rapunzel movie, and a new purple, pink, and white comforter.

8 years ago Gracie was born, and that was such a great gift for Chad.  Can't really top that.
Unless I were to get KU basketball tickets.
just kidding.

Happy Father's Day, Chad!
And Happy Birthday, my sweet Gracie!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

How to...

How to make a sleepover cake:
1.  Use cake mix.  Bake cake.
2.  Frost the cake with one color.
3.  Twinkies- cut in half.  Lay on top of the cake..
(Twinkies are the "bodies" under the blanket.)
4.  Frost with another color for the "blanket."
Just 3/4th the width of the cake.
 5. Smash down a marshmallow for the "pillows."
 6. Decorate Vanilla Wafers with icing to look
like a face, and lay on top of the marshmallows
in front of the Twinkie bumps.
 7. Use sprinkles to decorate the blanket.
8. Ta-da!  Sleepover cake.
From left to right:
Tessa, Gracie, Claire, Sophie, and Jada

Pretty good look-alikes, don't you think?

Thursday, June 16, 2011

If you were two years old

If you were two years old,
 and minding your own business,
And your "baby doggy" came up and
SNATCHED the frisbee from you,
 What would you do?
You, of course, would go after him,
and make a chasing game out of it.

And who would win?

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

You know you're a Kansas girl when...

You know you're a Kansas girl when...
*you drive back into flat land and you immediately exhale.
*you look out the window at the wheat fields and can't help but to smile a really huge smile.
 You know you're a Kansas girl when...
*you take a picture of it while driving home just so your blog friends (and other friends) can see your world on your blog.
*you time your travels around wheat harvest

 I took the kids out to the field yesterday.
They didn't get much time (maybe an hour), 
but it satisfied our craving for combines and tractors.

 I sent Trey and Gracie up the ladder to ride with
Papa in the tractor that was pulling the grain cart.
First time for Trey.
He looked at me and put his hand out like, 
"Come get me, Mama."
I waved a big GOODBYE, and turned around.
And they were off.
And that's all the pictures I got of this year's harvest.

So, we got our fix.
Just in time!  
They finished harvest yesterday!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Minnesota girls

Jessica has been my childhood best friend for 21 years.  
That sounds weird.
21 years is a long time.

And now our own children are friends.
Long distance friends.
 They play together well.
And they definitely do "girls night" together well.
Thank you, Mike, for watching the 5 girls while Jess and I went out for our own movie night!
Every time Jess and I get together, we run down memory lane... because our memories are HILARIOUS!  In fact, Emily (Jess's oldest daughter) kept staring at me and finally said, "You're right, Mom.  She is a good friend because she makes you laugh so much!"

And now, Jess has really outdone herself.
She's created Trey's future wifey.

 She's so sweet.
And cuddly.
Her bum sticks out only like a two month old can.
and she gives the cutest looks.

My favorite memory from this trip has to be the night I told my girls to take a bath.  Jess told her girls they could take one the next day.  Her girls were trying to convince her that the four of them could fit into her giant tub.  But, Jess said no.
Because they were unsupervised while the adults were outside visiting and enjoying the beautiful weather, Gracie comes down to the screen door in her towel and says, "We ALL fit in the tub!"
Sounds like the word NO works about as well as it does around here when friends are involved!  :)

I can't believe Jess and I didn't get a picture together.
I love my time with Jess.
It doesn't come nearly often enough.
I guess I should thank Jess this trip because I left my phone charger at her house and now I have a smart phone that is truly too smart for me!  But, it's their turn to come next summer.  That 10 hour drive stinks!