Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Dr. Seuss week

Unless you're in elementary school, you might not have known it's Dr. Seuss week.  

(His birthday was last Sunday.)

And we had a snow day on Monday. 
So.... since we couldn't celebrate Dr. Suess's birthday at SCHOOL, we decided to celebrate it at HOME!

My new curtains are done.... 
do they remind you of something....
T did a One Fish Two Fish craft we found on Pinterest.
He learned it's not easy to paint with cornstarch/water paint.

J made truffela trees from The Lorax.  

That's really all we did.  
I made it sound like we did a lot, huh? 
I should have made green eggs and ham for lunch, but if you know my kids you'd know that would be a lot of time and eggs wasted for them to end up eating spaghettios!  

The evening ended with a game of Monopoly, popcorn, and some healthy sibling rivalry fun!

G did let me do her hair like Cindy Lou-Who this morning for school.  Some kid in her class said she looked like Cindy when she has her hair up.  
Boy did we show him what Cindy Lou-Who looks like!  (Right?....) 
Even her teacher made a comment on it.  

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