Saturday, October 12, 2013


How about this weather, eh?
It was so beautiful today I knew we had to get outside at some point.  But, an open house tomorrow took up my morning cleaning up the house.  

I promise I clean house every Saturday morning.
Not sure you would believe me by Tuesday night.

However, after a birthday party for Jada's friend late this afternoon, we took the kids to a park in town.  

And suddenly the park wasn't a park anymore.  
And our children weren't children anymore.
They were archeologists.
And they dug up dinosaur bones.

Right before the sun went down, we put all of the "fossils" together, and found out these archeologists dug up this creature!  

Can you tell where its ribs are? 
Can you see the triangle spikes on its back?
Can you find the horn on its nose?

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