Wednesday, July 3, 2013

look what I found...

Remember when you and your friends rented a limo for the last day of 9th grade?  And you felt SOOOO cool riding around the lakes...
Remember those high bangs you had in high school?
  And the time your best friend and you went to wilderness camp and you couldn't use a curling iron to put up your bangs that high?

 And remember that time you took German with your bestie, Jess, and you had an assignment to create a restaurant and serve your moms German food that you had NO IDEA how to make (and so you can then imagine what it tasted like.. ahem.)  And you had to dress up in a white button up and red bowtie and black skirts.  And remember how your moms wore their WEDDING DRESSES just to be uber fancy!
Don't forget the time you snuck up on the boys at the park, and someone in the cul-de-sac that required you to run and jump onto a lawn like a frog.  You were the coolest.  And so was she.
And how about the time you threw up on her carpet floor while having a sleepover and your mom sent your cool older brother to clean it up and walk you home.

This sweet girl has been with me through some really hard times, some really fun times, and some really crazy times.  

I miss her so much since she's 600 miles away. I think what she wrote to me for my 18th birthday present sums it all up---


Jessica said...

Oh. My. G. I am laughing! Ella just read this with me, had to ask which one of us was me in one pic! See~twins! She was giggling over the frog comment. And that note I wrote you...was that from a greeting card or did I just used to have a full functioning brain pre-kids and an ability to write half decent?? I love it! Thanks for the shout out, miss you so much too! When I come visit I'm going to need to go make a copy of that collage. Those pics are from one of my most favorite periods of my life!

Mom said...

Is that Kirk? OMGosh...these pics seem like happenings just yesterday.