Friday, June 15, 2012

Drive-in Movie

Questions: What could be better than being in your parents car at the drive-in theater?

Answer:  Decorating (sort of ) your OWN car (box) for your own drive-in theater!
 We invited some friends over for our first ever Drive-In Movie in our basement.  They were asked to BYOB (bring your own box).  Because they wanted to swim as well as watch a movie, they didn't quite have enough time to decorate the whole thing- or at all!  

After the older girls came in from swimming, we went downstairs and got all comfy cozy in the boxes.  Abi brought her Hummer and Jada didn't have a car, so Abi shared her ginormous car with Jada.

You can see the dazed looks our children get when they're so into the movie!  We did end up turning off the lights, but here are their cars closer up.

   Everyone was given an envelope with 7 "dollars" in it.  

One "dollar" was given to me for their admission to the drive-in, and then they had to pay for their snacks with the rest of their money.  This helped to cut down on their sugar intake.  HA!  
(When I say "cut down" on their sugar intake, I actually mean I think I put them right on the line of sugar high and headache.  So, in the future I will not give them 7.  They each might get 5- with the intention of them paying their $1 admission fee still.)

This was part of the concession stand-

  Bowls for popcorn were added, as well as a pitcher of water and more cups.  I gave out water for free- I'm generous like that.  Each candy bar, ring pop, bowl of popcorn, and kool-aid box was $1.  Licorice was 2/$1 and the strawberry wafers were 3/$1.  

We really had a great time with this!  I thought it might even be fun to do with my classroom for a class prize.  However, I might just do the brown bulletin board paper around two desks and add headlights and maybe a steering wheel to it.  Then, two people can sit together at our "drive-in." Oh, the possibilities!

It's evening now and my girls are worn out!  I think we might have to say this is an ANNUAL summer activity.  The drive-in was a blast, but it's bedtime now.  You think Chad and I could fit in any of these for our own drive-in in the basement tonight?    


Anonymous said...

that is so cool! I am now officially crowning you mom of the year!!!

Amy said...

Sophie had so much fun! She was pretty worn out though, too! I'm pretty sure she'll sleep well for Grandma tonight!!

Mom said...

This is by far the coolest idea ever! I think Papa and Nana need to come to your drive-in movie! Our "cars" might take up ALOT of space...BUT, we would have a back seat for the kids!! :)

Beki - TheRustedChain said...

This is so darn cute!!

Mira said...

I love this idea. We will have to try it sometime.

Jena Kluver said...

Love this!

Danielle said...

Abi had so much fun and fell asleep in the car on the way to Eli's ball game that night. Her "car" has made it's way into her bedroom and she has slept in it the last 2 nights. Thanks for including her - she loved the party, her friends and you!

Jessica said...

You're so fun!